The World is Technologies Oyster



This week i created a Sound Cloud pod cast, full script is found below:

This weeks topic, after much deliberation on what all the content actually meant, took me on a journey back to my childhood with the idea of digital crafting and transformation, the one example that came straight to mind was the infamous Pingu.

Digital crafting is the idea that life can be given to an inanimate object through digital technology. Pingu is the perfect example of this as it is the concept of stop motion that brings the clay penguin to life on consumers television screens. It could be said that Pingu began the introduction and stepping stones into advanced digital crafting.

Another major example of digital crafting is 3D printing. Looking back through time, years ago if a consumer wanted a piece of furniture they had to go through the process of finding a craftsmen to produce it for them. The industrial revolution then rolled around and machines took over the handy work. Today it is now possible with such advanced technology that pieces can be physically printed. Joong Han Lee debates that craftsmanship no longer simply means “hands on craft” however it means moving forward and evolving with technology to fi

nd a new way of creating. 3D printing is such an important commodity for sustaining technology within the future. If digital craftsmanship continues, who knows what can be created in the future, the world is technologies oyster.


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