Great Online Works

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Citizen journalism can be described as individuals providing information to the public in any form be it text, image, audio or video (, 2015). Citizen journalism is all about communicating information, typically online as the internet has given public audiences the ability to post freely and have their voice heard. It could be thought that this new form of journalism is undermining journalism as a profession, however I believe the more information out there the better. Audiences have gone from being passive to producing their own content allowing others to form opinions on their writing and create beneficial debate.

Looking at this topic in a very easy light I feel the need to mention the collective intelligence of “Wookiepedia”. If audiences weren’t given the power to become citizen journalism we wouldn’t have great online works such as the wookiepedia system. As the name might suggest wookiepedia is a Wikipedia type website with the search engine only set to all things star wars.

See for yourselves!


About News. 2015. What is Citizen Journalism. [ONLINE] Available at:<>. [Accessed 01 May 15].


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