Even More $$$

This weeks topic of “Transmedia” and marketing a story to generate a larger audience is right up my ally being a marketing student, I always tend to see media in the light of how much money is being consumed across platforms (which is a lot of $$$ if you were wondering).

The first transmedia story I thought of was Lord of the Rings (coincidently my favourite movie series) which is a perfect example of how transmedia is creating opportunities in the industry. Lord of the Rings is easily a transmedia example as it is telling multiple stories across multiple mediums to make “one big pervasive story” (One3Productions, 2011). The Lord of the Rings story involves a book series, three major box office movies, board games, PC games, online blogs, etc creating a very real expectation of engagement from audiences. Where transmedia is concerned, engagement is the key.

The first opportunity Lord of the Rings creates is multiple entry points to the story world, with its multiple mediums listed above, capturing a range of markets beyond just the book worms and movie buffs (therefore more $$$). The second opportunity is monetizing marketing efforts creating several pay off possibilities with content flowing across multiple channels (and even more more $$$).

Hollywood is right on the money with recognizing the power transmedia has in the increasing digital age we live within, connecting with Henry Jenkins ideaology that “transmedia story telling is the ideal aesthetic form for an era of collective intelligence”.


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One 3 Productions. (2011). Transmedia101. [Online Video]. 24 June. Available from: <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvJbY9hUgbc> [Accessed: 21 April 2015].


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