Threatening Media

Remix culture has increased within modern day society over the past few decades connecting with the ideology that audiences have been empowered and transformed from passive consumers to active members, and in this case creators. Remix culture in this instance threatens media and copyright “by the rise of user generated content” (Bruns, A. 2010). Empowered audiences can freely take any media content and remix it into something of their own creation, however they may not take into consideration the copyright laws attached to their actions. Alike the Harry Potter Blog scenario companies feel they have a right of ownership to remixed content. This poses the question that forms of media such as Youtube “vloggers” that comment on makeup and post tutorials on how to use it, does that mean the company owning the makeup should have a share of the Youtube earnings? Before attending this weeks lecture I’d only every considered remixes in terms of music or sound and not made the connection between other forms of media. I decided to be brave and try something new and create a meme to show my understanding of remixing media content and remix culture. meme remix
I’ve also discovered that remix culture can be used through not only multiple platforms but many devices as well, so i also had a crack at creating my first youtube video (on my roommates account) to illustrate remixing the same song through multiple youtube videos in one singular video:

Reference:  Bruns, A, 2010. Distributed Creativity. Filesharing and Produsage, [Online]. 1, 1-2. Available at:<>[Accessed 18 April 2015].


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