Feel like they have a Super Power

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In todays society smart phones are not only just an interface to the internet, but an extension of everyday life. It’s a rare occasion to walk down the street and not come across a person glued to their phone, even someone running past will be using their phone for the latest songs released on “Spotify” for entertainment during their morning jog. Using this example its become apparent that environments and situations are no longer factors that influence internet usage “you don’t need to think about where you are to do what you want to do” (C. Shirkey, 2011).
Each smart phone user is either an Android or an Apple user, apart of the never ending debate over which is better than the other. The functions of both brands are so similar therefore basically anything you can do on an Android phone you can do on an Iphone. One of the only things separating them, according to O’Murchu, is marketing.

“Android is for the purist who wants a killer operating system”

“Apple on the other hand, makes people feel like they have a super power, it makes them fee like a better designer” (L. O’Murchu, 2015).

I believe the choice of operating system is in the eye of the beholder, and which they are attracted to more will consequentially alter their decision. It could even be assumed that whichever operating system we chose, is the message we want to produce or be a part of.

We are in the medium.


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