As They See Fit



“Copyright in the American tradition was not meant to be a “property right” as the public generally understands property. It was originally a narrow federal policy that granted a limited trade monopoly in exchange for universal use and access”.
(Vaidhyanathan 11)

Social media is a phenomenon… consumers are constantly glued to their devices greedy to find the latest Facebook status telling the world what one ate for lunch, Instagram picture of someone’s cat, or amusing Snap Chat of the previous nights drunken antics. Consumers are now living their lives through their computers, tablets, and mobiles. But who owns all this fascinating media content? and controls what the public is both posting and what they are viewing? … Who knows which beady little eyes are looking upon your photos.

Copyright is a concept that has been on the increasing rise for many years in todays society with many breaches and crossing of boundaries in modern cyber applications. Instagram is a major contributor to this ideology. Instagram’s online copyright law states that: “you understand and agree that Instagram cannot and will not be responsible for the content posted on the service and you use the service at your own risk” (, 2015). This means that any photograph, video, or any media content belongs to the creator and original poster. As the copyright owner you have the rights to distribute the media content as you please… however there’s a catch. As soon as you upload your latest “selfie” to instagram you will be shocked to find when you press that little innocent “share” button you’re basically signing an invisible contract that grants the media site the ability to use your photograph anyway they see fit, as well as everyone else around the world on instagram that can view your photo (Delsack, 2013).


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